Alight at Night offers an opportunity to step out into a unique holiday winter wonderland, all set against the historic backdrop of Upper Canada Village. Please read our pre-event information to make the most of your visit:
What date and time should I pick? 
We recommend that you pick a date and time that works for you. Please know that Saturday evenings are by far the busiest, so plan the date of your visit accordingly. Visitation can increase closer to Christmas and during the school holidays as well.
When should I arrive and where should I park? 
Visitors to Alight at Night will discover streamlined entry traffic flow and parking to accommodate the event’s immense popularity.  There is no fee for parking. Clearly defined admission lines will make your arrival go smoothly.
Is there a prepaid express line for faster entry?
Yes.  Please purchase your tickets in advance online; once in the prepaid express line, and when the gates open, this line moves quickly. Visitors who haven’t purchased their tickets ahead online will advance to the admission via the regular line and purchase their tickets once there.
Can I leave and come back?
Yes, with your receipt you can leave the site and re-enter on the same night.  Please note that for re-entry you will join the prepaid ticket line and go through the prepaid entrance, so there may be a short wait to re-enter.

What is included in my admission ticket?
In addition to getting into the Village, horse-drawn wagon rides*, Toy Train rides, visits with Santa (until Dec.23), singing at Christ Church, visits to the Bakery are all included in the admission price.
* While wagon rides are free and available throughout the night (seating between 15 and 20 per ride), there is an additional fee for Romantic Horse-drawn carriage rides for two, and they must be reserved in advance.
** The Bakery is open until 7pm nightly.

How do I explore the site?
This is an outdoor event that allows visitors to walk or ride through a postcard-perfect winter wonderland, where the heritage buildings, trees and fences of Upper Canada Village are lit for the holiday season.
Visitors can meander along the streets at their own pace and leisure, in whatever direction they choose.  Visitors can also opt to hop on one of the horse-drawn wagons that provide tours around the streets, or they can book ahead a romantic carriage ride for two.  We ask visitors who are walking the streets to be mindful and make way (keeping to the sides or boardwalks where available), when the horse-drawn vehicles pass by.
Visitors can always head outside the Village for a ride through adjacent Crysler Park on the Toy Train, boarding is located south of the parking lot just outside the admissions entrance.

Can I bring my pet to the event?
No pets will be permitted on site as Alight at Night is an evening event with horses on the streets.
How many lights are up throughout the site?
There are over 1 million lights adorning the village.
Can I use my own camera or phone for pictures with Santa?
Yes, you may take your own photos with Santa.  We will also take professional photos for you, which can be purchased and printed on the spot.
What should I wear?
We recommend you come in comfort and dress prepared for cooler weather.  Upper Canada Village is located on the shores of the St. Lawrence and can feel cooler, especially on windy nights.

Unlike a summer visit to Upper Canada Village, there are only a few buildings open for special experiences during Alight at Night, so be prepared to be outdoors for the majority of your visit. The buildings that are opened (other than Admissions, the three restaurants and Village Store/Cafe) are: the Bakery (busy making bread and cinnamon rolls for sale at the Village Store/Cafe or Kettle Corner), Christ Church (where visitors are invited in to join in Christmas carolling), and Crysler Hall (for visits with Saint Nick up until December 23).
How might inclement December weather affect visiting Alight at Night?
We do our best to keep all of the roads and pathways clear of ice and deep snow, but please be prepared for fluctuating December conditions; milder temperatures can create muddy surfaces as well. The Village can be navigated by wheelchairs equipped with suitable all-terrain tires; please take weather conditions into consideration when planning your visit.
Alight at Night will happen snow, rain or shine. It will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions, at the discretion of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (rain checks will be honoured should this occur). Upper Canada Village’s Facebook page will notify of any cancellations should this occur.
Do you offer an Accessibility Night?
Yes, we do. Please visit our Accessibility Night page for more information on dates and admission.
Where can I buy something warm to drink or eat?
There are several food locations open during Alight at Night selling hot chocolate and a variety of food options.  These are the Village Pantry (location beside the store), Cook’s Tavern (open as a restaurant location, not a historic building), the Kettle Corner, Willard’s Hotel, and the Harvest Barn.
Are there washrooms available throughout the site?
Yes, there are several washrooms open around the village.  They are located in the Discovery Centre (Admissions), the Village Cafe, centrally in the village beside the Cabinetmaker’s Shop, and port-a-potties next to Cook’s Tavern.
Are there group rates?
Group rates are available for a group’s visit plus wagon ride, for 15+ people, and it must be reserved in advance. All members of the group must arrive and proceed through Admissions at the same time. Please contact the Customer Service team for more details. Call 1-800-437-2233 or 613-543-4328 (locally) or email getaway@parks.on.ca.

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