Our favourite engagement stories

On December 4th, 2015 my boyfriend and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together at Alight at Night like we do every year. We have been visiting Alight at Night ever since our first anniversary. It is always so magical. This year was different. I had not expected any of this to happen. It was a beautiful mild night although it would have been better if there was snow.

We arrived for our private carriage ride which is something we started last year. The ride was very beautiful and we were able to see everything in the village and to see the lights from one end of the village to the other. After the carriage ride, my boyfriend made supper reservations at the Willard's Hotel. The food was great and it was nice and romantic with the Christmas decorations.

After supper, we walked over to the new maze (Mistletoe maze). It was hilarious because there was so much mud and we kept sinking in but we shared a kiss under the mistletoe at one of the dead ends. My boyfriend wanted to keep walking so we started walking the whole village. We watched the beautiful light show at Chrysler Park. We continued walking and he was acting really strange and not paying attention to where he was walking. I was getting frustrated because he kept pushing me towards the ditch.

Finally, he told me to stop on Maple road next to the cheese factory and the dressmaker's house. He grabbed my shoulders and told me to stay still. He looked at me with these large eyes and said "Stephy" (my nickname) and started to go down on one knee. I honestly thought he was playing a practical joke on me. I kept saying "no, no, no, I know your joking can you just stop." He was serious. He pulled out the ring and said "Will you marry me?" I was still in shock. I couldn't stop looking at him. The ring is a gorgeous snowflake with a sapphire on the underside that Pommier created for us. I placed the ring on my hand and we kept walking. At one point he stopped me and said "did you say yes?" I guess I had never answered or we forgot if I had. This was the most magical and hilarious night and we will never forget it.
 -- Stephanie Flaro
My girlfriend and I had been dating for 2 years, but we were friends for 3 years before hand. I knew how much my fiancé loves Christmas and the holidays, I figured what can I do to make it romantic and what she'd love?

I figured upper Canada village was the clear winner. I booked a personal carriage ride the weather was cold, and rainy but I wasn't going to let that ruin it for us, I hired a photographer to come capture the special moment but to also work in secret and not make it obvious, everything was perfect the timing, the lights, the big moment finally came when the carriage pulled to its stop and the driver said "the horses need a rest" I knew that was my time to shine, so I looked at my fiancé I told her how much I loved her while my arm was behind her holding a piece of mistletoe toe and the ring attached by a ribbon, I then said to her "we should come back here every year" and she looked at me and replied "why babe?" and replied "because it's the place we got engaged" she looked at me in disbelief, I said quietly "look up" - where I was hanging the ring above her head with the mistletoe. The night was perfect and we couldn't be happier were getting married in June and couldn't be more excited.
 -- Blake Trickey

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