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Why a Food Lovers event? 

Upper Canada Village's Food Lovers' Field Days event has seen up to 4500 visitors through the course of the weekend, driven by a multi-facetted marketing campaign into local and out-of town markets. Visitors to Upper Canada Village are looking for a rich, authentic experience. Statistics shows that for the heritage tourist in particular, authentic, local food is a number one motivator in making travel plans. (Return to Food Lovers main page here).

NEW FOR VENDORS IN 2016: No Need to bring a tent!! We've got you covered!!
In an effort to achieve an overall theme more complementary to the Village’s historic setting this year, while providing optimum vendor and visitor comfort, Upper Canada Village will be providing all tenting requirements for vendors this year! This will be offered at no extra charge to vendors.

The Setup:  We will have a single, extra-large white pole tent that can hold up to 24 vendors in the centre of the grounds, with four rows of six vendors, allowing two 20 foot paths within for visitors to have some shade relief from the hot sun (or shelter in inclement weather).  The two lengths of the tent will be open to allow breeze from the river to pass through.  Vendor spaces will be identified with fabric half side walls, and a full wall in the back of their space.
Two additional rows of five attached 10x10 white pole tents provided by Upper Canada Village will be set up along the two fence lines for vendors to set up under.  We will choose which vendors will be under the large tent, and which will be in one of the row tents, based on type of food and equipment/power requirements. It is up to vendors to indicate if they require a table and/or chairs/poweras usual in the application form.
We ask that all vendors make every effort to keep all of their belongings in an orderly manner within the 10 x 10 space provided.  If you require additional space, please call to discuss so that we can figure out the best solution for this.

How Can YOU be a Part of This Unique, 2-Day, Outdoor Food Event?

Upper Canada Village again hopes to attract a diverse cross-section of quality food & beverage producers to showcase some of the best in food, wine and beer that the region has to offer. We will be evaluating applications and accepting select vendors from each of the various food and beverage categories who are best suited to this event and who can demonstrate added customer value to visitors at Upper Canada Village.

It’s Easy … All You Have to Do Is:
  1. Learn All About the Event – Read our Food Lovers’ Field Days FARMERS’ MARKET INFORMATION page 
  2. Fill Out the VENDOR APPLICATIONNOTE: If you are using Chrome as your browser, please download the blank application form first and save it to your computer BEFORE filling it in. Then open it from your computer directory and fill it in, and save it again once done. Otherwise, if you just fill it in online then save it, the data you type in won’t be saved.
  3. Completed application forms received by Upper Canada Village before July 15, 2016 will be given priority. Not all vendors will be selected due to space limitations.
  4. Applications will then be reviewed and successful applicants will be sent a Vendor’s Agreement to sign; payment will be due at that time in advance of the event.

Cost to participate for 2 days is $200.00 (taxes included).

This fee includes admission for two staff working at the stall.

BONUS: In addition, each vendor will be given 6 extra admission passes valued at $120 for the weekend to use as he/she pleases (for additional staff, for family or for clients). 

Farmers' Market information
Farmers' Market information
The Upper Canada Village fairgrounds, (the large field in the heart of the Village), has the capacity to accommodate approximately 45 vendors and will carry a “Farmer’s Market” designation for the event. 
Vendor Application
Vendor Application
Apply to become a vendor.

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