A sneak "descriptive" preview of what you'll discover along our 2016 Pumpkinferno exhibit tour ... we're bringing back some of your favourites, along with a number of stunning new creations that will leave you in total awe!
Not to be left to your own imagination .... these are best seen on site!!  Book your tickets today!

Meet Jack!

Pumpkpinferno’s iconic Jack stands tall in a fiery fashion to greet you upon your arrival to Upper Canada Village ... keeping an eye on each visitor’s approach. His familiar face will appear again and again throughout the Village to guide you on your tour.


Partner Appreciation

Pumpkinferno is made possible in part with many partners in our community and at a provincial level. Our artists pay tribute to these partners with carved logo pumpkins for your viewing pleasure!


The numerous jack o’lantern faces that join Jack as totems along the route have taken up a playful position over the canal bridge to welcome you as you walk across the threshold into the world of Pumpkinferno.
More jack-o-lanterns? ‘Tis the season ... and seems that many more have made their way to join this jamboree of Jack-in-the-Boxes, all sprung to life for the season!
NATURE’S WAY (Sponsored by GFL – Green for Life)
Stroll through this colourful floral field alongside the larger-than-life snails that slither through the fallen leaves at Pumpkinferno.
RAINBOW MIGRATION (Sponsored by the City of Brockville)
Take a moment to reflect upon the stunning effects produced by the colourful array of flocking birds flying over the Village mill pond.
The Harvest Season has arrived and things are abuzz! Seems that, like apples, pumpkins don’t fall too far from the tree either!
A brand new dragon has taken over Pumpkinferno! Dare to pass through her mystical lantern lair ... keep your eyes peeled for our newly hatched design.
Being locked up in a cellblock hasn’t stopped these 1950s icons from dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock! Put your dancing shoes on and join them in rocking out to some Elvis classics. Can you name all of the celebrities our artists have carved?
COINS OF THE WORLD (Sponsored by Pommier)
Paying tribute to the diverse groups of visitors that attend Upper Canada Village throughout the year, it made perfect “cents” to create an intricately carved pumpkin display featuring various coins found around the world.
What’s your sign? Behold the collective beauty of this magnificent gallery of stars, constellations and signs of the zodiac, all artistically created using over a thousand carved pumpkins!!
Don’t you love how vines enhance architecture, add colour, and change with the season? They also seem to spread each year ... evident with the fruit-bearing grape vines that have invaded the Doctor’s Lane this year at Upper Canada Village!
Biodiversity is in our nature. Since 2000, OPG has planted almost six million native trees and shrubs, creating habitats across the province that supports a wide variety of animal species. Looks like some of last year’s Pumpkinferno saplings have grown!
Our Pumpkinferno artists reassert their creative abilities in this mesmerizing display of recreated works of art: famous portraits by some of the greatest painters in history.  Enhancing the artistry of this exhibit are our custom-designed, intricately carved patterned pumpkins that emanate a stunning light into the night!
WINDS OF CHANGE (Sponsored by WSP)
Windmills have been used for centuries to convert the energy of wind into rotational energy for the purpose of milling grain, pumping water, and most recently, to generate electricity. In this exhibit, our Pumpkinferno team has captured the evolution of the windmill in an effort to educate types of green energy!
Recognize any of these familiar faces? Say hello to the Village baker, spinner, blacksmith, teacher, and cheese maker! The artisans represented here, along with countless others, are Making History daily from May through September at Upper Canada Village each year.
Stargazing takes on a whole new light! Follow the stars hung in trees as they lead the way to a pumpkin carved display of the solar system we live in.  An astronaut has made this mini galaxy his home away from home!
Smiling faces greet you as you enter this interactive zone … welcoming you to the delights that wait inside! This double-sided archway has been created with over 500 pumpkins.
Here’s your chance to show us your own creative skills on our Pumpkindoodle chalkboard! Remember, your art is erasable, so you might want to snap a pic before the next artist comes along.
Ever wonder how many Pumpkins Tall you were? It all depends on how you measure up (or which pumpkins you measure up against)!
Better yet, get in the picture and capture yourself in our Pumpkin Perfect Portraits as one of our past Pumpkferno characters!
Grab a Halloween prop and strike a pose behind the all-new Shadow Screen! Be sure to snap a photo and post it to your social media account with the hashtag #PUMPKINFERNO.
Whether you’re reliving your childhood days, or experiencing it for the first time, everyone can appreciate this playground classic. Jump on our new Pumpkin Hopscotch and join in the fun!
Bring out the competitor in you with this brand new Pumpkin Toss game. Grab a pumpkin and challenge a friend! Who can reach 20 points first?
Explore the aisles of our Painted Pumpkin Art Gallery, a whimsical display of hundreds of individually painted pumpkins, created by area school children between Kindergarten and Grade 8.
In partnership with the Upper Canada District School Board and the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario.
Cafe Inferno + WIFI Zone
Come  sit for a spell at CAFE-INFERNO, a giant “pumpkin shell-ter” featuring Eerie Entrees, Bewitching Beverages and Deadly Desserts! And NEW this year you can connect with us on social media using the hashtag #PUMPKINFERNO in our Wifi zone.  Post your Photo Ops, Pumpkin Doodles, and Shadow Screen pictures to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
These emotional pumpkins will give you mood swings as they guide you through a series of changing expressions.
Our carvers have been working day after day brewing up a wicked new display. Though you may be inclined to fear it, we hope it will put you in the Halloween spirit!
Bask in the beauty of these intricately carved decorative skulls. They are a popular symbol used in the celebration of the Mexican holiday, “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) to remember and support the spiritual journey of deceased loved ones.
Legends are told to children to instill morals and principles to follow as they grew into themselves. Our Pumpkinferno artists have worked with Akwesasne artist Victoria Ransom of the Native North American Traveling College to depict a number of "Legends from our Lands".  Read on for a better understanding of each legend depicted in the final leg of our Pumpkinferno tour:
Three Sisters
The Three Sisters represent corn, bean and squash, which are the three vegetables the Creator intended to nourish the life of human beings. As leaders of all food plants to grow in the gardens, they are planted together in harmony to represent the perfect balance, and as a reminder that everyone has something to offer.
Celestial Tree
The celestial tree found in Haudenosaunee beadwork relates back to the Creation Story. Before creation on Turtle Island, there were beings similar to humans in the Sky World. At the center of their community there was light and many fruit provided by the ‘Tree of Light’ also referred as the Celestial Tree. The Celestial Tree was uprooted and through this hole Sky Woman descended into a new world. There she fell upon waterfowl who carefully placed her on the turtle’s back.
Flying Head
The flying head is derived from the infamous legend told to children. Although there are a couple of stories, one in particular is of a great hunter and his two dogs. Due to the hunter’s loyalty to his dogs, they risked their lives to save the hunter’s life. Through legends such as these, children will learn to treat their pets with respect and in return, observe a dog’s loyalty.
Atotarho, an evil Onondaga wizard who was so bad he had snakes in his hair. His body was twisted crooked from all of the sorcery he engaged in. Behind him is a wampum belt made in his honor. It resembles a rattlesnake hide. The snakes represent male power gone out of control. Atotarho ruled Onondaga through fear until he was pacified and restored to a good mind. His body was healed of its deformations. He shed the skin of his former self and did evil no more.


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