Travelling Tiltons

Watch the hilarious antics of this 1860s travelling musical family who roll into town on a horse-drawn wagon. Enjoy the shameless promotion of “Tiltons’ Tonic” while entertaining audiences with their special brand of stand-up comedy, melodrama, singing and lively instrumental music.

Come out and catch the Travelling Tiltons show this summer! Their special brand of stand-up comedy, melodrama, singing and lively instrumental music will be sure to please all and offend none.

The Travelling Tiltons are a travelling musical family similar to the musicians and entertainers who toured up and down the St. Lawrence River in the 19th century.  By the 1860s, not even the largest cities in Canada could boast a permanent theatre company who performed on a regular basis. Travelling troupes of performers from the United States and England attempted to fill this void, while hoping to fill their pockets at the same time.

 In small towns that lacked an appropriate theatre, a stage would be improvised in a hotel ball-room, concert house, town hall or market building. While some touring entertainers specialised in one type of performance such as opera or minstrel shows, most performances were a mixture of different styles such as folk songs, instrumental numbers, dancing, theatre, and scenes from well-known Italian operas along with the popular music of the day. Family touring companies often turned a greater profit because unpaid family members did everything: acting, singing, playing instruments, selling tickets, and publicising the concerts.

Dates & Times
June 27 - August 30, 2020
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Adult (19 - 64 yrs.) $22.00
Senior Citizen (65+) $22.00
Student (13 - 18 yrs.) $16.00
Youth (5 - 12 yrs.) $13.00
Child (4 yrs. and under) FREE

Plus Tax

Included in Village Admission.

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