The St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) has announced its intention to divest itself of the locomotive and cars located in Crysler Park near Upper Canada Village.

The train, relocated to the SLPC in the late 1950s, consists of a steam locomotive, baggage/refrigeration car and passenger car. While the train provides a representation of transportation in the region during the late 1950s, it is not of the same style as the historic “Moccasin” train that operated in Eastern Ontario.

The SLPC is proceeding with a Request for Expression of Interest with more information available below.

Description of Rolling Stock on Offer

As part of a collections review, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (an Agency of the Government of Ontario) is currently is offering the following items of railway rolling stock for transfer to museums, institutions or associations/organizations. These items are located in Crysler Park near Morrisburg, Ontario.

1. Grand Trunk Locomotive 1008, an 8 wheeler 2-6-0 Mogul of the L10a class built in 1910 by the Canadian Locomotive Company at Kingston, Ontario. Engine and tender (coal car) were acquired by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission in 1957. (Approximate dimensions: Engine L34’ x W10’ x H15’; Tender L24’ x W10’ x H10’)

2. Baggage/refrigeration car, built for the Arms-Yager Railway of Chicago by the Pullman Company. It was bought by the CNR in 1942 for transporting fruit in the Niagara–Winona district. Taken out of service in 1964. (Approximate dimensions: L64’ x W10’ x H12’)

3. Timber and tongue-and-groove clad passenger car constructed for the GTR at Point St. Charles, Quebec in 1901. Initially built as a first class coach (#2074) with space for 70 passengers. Renumbered as #3474 on becoming CN stock in 1924. Between 1930 and 1950 it was demoted to branch line service and use on mixed trains. Sections of seating were removed at this time to accommodate stoves. Decommissioned in 1957. (Approximate dimensions: L68’ x W10’ x H14’)

All items listed above are intact, but require extensive work to bring them to a functional or exhibitable condition. A site visit is highly recommended. Items are offered on the condition that the accepting party arrange and pay for removal.

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission invites all interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest. At the present stage, preference will be granted to those parties interested in acquiring the entire assemblage or whole major components (i.e. cars) rather than parts. If you wish to acquire parts only, you may submit a proposal which will be held in reserve.

Your Expression of Interest should include:

  • a brief description of your museum, institute, association/organization,
  • an indication of which items of rolling stock you wish to acquire,
  • a description of your intended use,
  • whether or not the items will be accessible to the public
  • whether or not you intend to restore the items
  • your related experience and capacity to deal with items of this scale,
  • a proposed time-line for transfer and
  • a proposed budget with proof that funding can be procured

Please submit Expressions of Interest or questions to:

SLPC Customer Service Unit
Expressions of Interest – Train 2019
St. Lawrence Parks Commission
13740 County Rd. 2
K0C 1X0

Or electronically to with the subject line ”Expression of Interest – Train 2019”.

Documents available upon request:

1. Designated Substance Survey, Aultsville Historic Train Station, Morrisburg, Ontario
2. July 2018 Study to evaluate the condition of the train and estimate repair costs

For more information or to arrange a site visit email or contact Customer Service at 800-437-2233 or 613-543-4328 (local).

The Request for Expression of Interest will close at:
4:30pm, Friday, October 4th, 2019.

For more information about the St. Lawrence Parks Commission:

Upper Canada Village

13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0
Tel: 1-800-437-2233 or 613-543-4328

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