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Filming Location

Looking for a Mid-19th Century Site?

Whether you are creating a documentary, second unit film, or feature film (large or small), save the exorbitant expense of massive movie sets and valuable time sourcing "period" props.

Upper Canada Village brings to life a mid-19th century community on the mighty St. Lawrence River … a place where history comes alive — and where your shooting script can come to life too!

Upper Canada Village was created by bringing together a collection of buildings which were of significant historic interest and value. Great care was taken to accurately reproduce an entire 19th century community, from furnishings, fabrics, farm and industrial machinery to paint colours, wallpaper, boardwalks, and paintings.

Within the historical context of an 1860s community, Upper Canada Village features fully operational farms, factories and mills, as well as furnished homes, trade shops and professional establishments.

Located in a rural riverside setting with no visual intrusions of the modern world, your runaway scenes will be quite spectacular. And there are other natural outdoor locations nearby. In close proximity to Upper Canada Village are long stretches of shoreline, beaches, forests and wooded areas with trails. If you require any such location in addition to a 19th century community, you will find it within a 2 to 10 minute drive from the Village.

On-set Features

Please inquire about the availability of a wide range of mid-19th century costumes. Our Costume Department can also be hired for assisting with sewing services and historical pattern design.

Since the Village is a working/living museum, it has a vast collection of 19th century reproductions at its disposal, such as trade tools, chinaware, furniture, entertainment items (games, piano, etc.), knick-knacks, kitchenware, etc.

Vehicles & Animals
Need a horse-drawn carriage, or an ox and cart? Upper Canada Village has many vehicles on site ranging from a four-horse stagecoach to delivery wagons, gigs, buggies and carts. The Village even has period horses (The Canadian), oxen, cattle and other farm animals.

Let us assist you in finding the extras you need. We will provide a list of available men, women & children according to your requirements.

Prep & Carpentry
The Village will work with your designer, art department and construction crew to help you create the right set without compromising your script or the site's historical integrity. Village staff can be hired for advance prep and last minute carpentry jobs, therefore reducing your cost.

Services and Facilities

In addition to the three licensed facilities, the Village can cater to all your food service needs. Buffets, full-fledged meals (hot and cold), meat and vegetarian dishes; all can be made on site for your entire crew. Snacks can also be made available for those late night shoots, not to mention cast parties!

Production Offices
Access to office space and equipment can be made available.

A large overflow parking lot will be reserved for the exclusive use of your technical support trucks, trailers and other necessities. Water access is also available.

There are numerous facilities and accommodations near Upper Canada Village:

Marina Championship Golf Course VFR Air Strip, 2800 Feet long, by 75 feet wide Hotels/Motels/Cottages/Campgrounds Restaurants

Upper Canada Village staff are experienced in working with commercial filming and can dedicate professional personnel to work with you to make it a win/win situation.

The Village has hosted numerous productions in the past including:
  • "The Liberators" Disney
  • "Tom Sawyer" CBS
  • "By Way of the Stars" CBC mini-series
  • "CAPTIVE HEART: The James Mink Story" Hallmark/CBS Movie of the Week
  • "Working Animals" The Discovery Channel
  • "Canada: A People's History" CBC and Radio-Canada
  • "The War of 1812" Galafilm
  • "The Restoration" LDS Motion Picture Studio
  • "The Crossing" A & E
  • "Salem Witch Trials" CBS

Fees and Contracts

Upper Canada Village is available as a movie set year-round. Some restrictions apply based on needs and scene settings. Fees are dependent on season and scale of production. For more information or loan of photos, please contact:

Upper Canada Village - Senior Supervisor
c/o The St. Lawrence Parks Commission
13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, Ontario,
Canada, K0C 1X0
Tel: 613-543-3704
Fax: 613-543-4098
Email: sarah.edwards@parks.on.ca

Upper Canada Village

13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0

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