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Loucks Farm

Upper Canada Village Loucks Farm House The Loucks Farm represents a typical progressive farm of the 1860s. It is named for the family that owned the impressive stone farmhouse that originally sat on the banks of the St. Lawrence in Canada's Dundas County. The Loucks family was descended from a Loyalist of German ancestry who settled in the area after the American revolution.

Visitors to the farm can visit a large collection of farm buildings including several barns, a hired man's house, and animal pens, as well as tour the main home and gardens. According to the season, costumed interpreters will be involved in typical farming tasks of the era, whether in the home or in the fields, and around the barnyard. Children, especially, enjoy a visit to the farm and are encouraged to assist with daily tasks, including milking cows or leading the new-born calves around the barnyard.


Upper Canada Village Loucks Farm Land There is an air of affluence around the Loucks farm since the 1860s were a prosperous decade for ambitious farmers who developed improved breeding stock, bought the latest agricultural machinery, or who joined together to build a co-operative cheese factory to turn their excess milk production into export dairy products for domestic or international consumption

This sense of economic well-being also pervades the interior of the main farmhouse as visitors admire the impressive square piano in the parlour, the substantial dining room furniture, or the luxurious fabrics and wall-papers so admired by mid-century Canadian housewives.

The Loucks family is typical of many affluent pre-Confederation farm families who looked forward to an even brighter future for their next generation as agricultural trade expanded into the new provinces to the east and the west.

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