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Robertson House

Originally belonging to Jeremiah French, the house was enlarged twice to accommodate the needs of his growing family and to reflect his position of wealth and influence in the community. In 1812, he sold it to his son-in-law, George Robertson, who also enlarged and renovated the house, creating a fine example of the neo-classic style.

Like many other houses of that time period, the parlour was the showroom of the house. Parlours were designed to show the outside world how prosperous a family was, and were filled with furniture and decorations that were not used every day by the family. These rooms were usually dark and gloomy, as blinds were kept drawn, furniture covered, and doors were shut. Many families expected to furnish their parlour only once in a lifetime. At Robertson House, the parlour wallpaper, imported from England and authenticated as being printed before 1820, has been on the walls ever since that time.

Robertson House is furnished and set up as if occupied by elderly George Robertson Sr. a widower in the 1860s, who is cared for by his loyal and devoted housekeeper. The house has deliberately old-fashioned "time past" look to it, with a large formal dining room, now seldom used, featuring elegant Georgian furniture and early 19th century porcelain. A small study off the main hall testifies to the intellectual and business interests of a well-educated and affluent older man. Even the front gardens and surrounding property have a nostalgic feel of an earlier time and the leisured enjoyment of a Loyalist family who have prospered over the years.

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