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Willard's Hotel

Originally built in the 1790s by Daniel Myers, a New York Loyalist whose family came from the Palatinate region of Germany, as a house, it was also used as an inn. It was known to travellers as the "Halfway House" because it was located centrally between Cornwall and Prescott. The inn was purchased in the 1830s by John Willard, a tavern keeper from Montreal who came north from the United States.

It is restored to 1850, at which time it would have been at the height of its prosperity. The use of contemporary prints, chairs, wallpaper and curtains reflects the desire of rural innkeepers to copy the elegant styles of the new large hotels in the cities of mid 19th Century North America.

Like many of the other houses in the village, the fact that the building required few alterations over the years reflects the high quality of building material available hundreds of years ago.

The hotel is open to visitors who wish to purchase a traditional meal, such as roast meat, potatoes, vegetables and (in season) home-baked apple pie.

Upper Canada Village

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