Teacher's Planning Resource

Developed in partnership with teachers in Eastern Ontario, Upper Canada Village offers a curriculum-based resource for teachers of grades 1 through 8.

The guide organizes each building in the village by grade and subject stream, allowing a trip targeted to the learning objectives of your class. Routes around the village can be planned by subject stream, by grade, or both.  Once you have selected a building or group of buildings for your class to visit during the trip there are pre-visit (Minds-On), visit (Action), and post-visit (Consolidation) activities and questions specific to that building to facilitate in-depth learning.

The Action questions and activities are available in printable format, for teachers and chaperones to use during the trip in order to guide the students’ interactions with staff.  This guide is designed to enhance and target the learning opportunities of your Discovery Visit, so the number and order of buildings visited and activities completed is at your discretion, as is the length of time spent at each location.

This guide is included in the cost of your admission to Upper Canada Village, and can be accessed here in English and French.

Upper Canada Village

13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0

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