What is the address / directions to Upper Canada Village?
What are your opening hours and dates of operation for Alight at Night?
How much is Alight at Night?
Who can visit Alight at Night?
How can I purchase tickets?
What do the Zones refer to?
How late are you open?
Will parking be available?
Can I bring my pet?
Will there be guidelines for physical distancing?
Will there be any screening of visitors for COVID-19 upon arrival to ensure safety?
What measures are you taking to ensure the safety of staff and visitors? Additional measures that have been undertaken are:
How long does the experience take? 
How long will I wait in line? 
Is Alight at Night accessible for people with reduced mobility? 
Will food and beverage be available?
Can I take photos at Alight at Night? 
Is the event held indoors or outdoors?  
How might inclement December weather affect visiting Alight at Night?

I purchased tickets online but have not received an email confirmation?


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