Upper Canada Village offers a number of modern amenities and facilities to meet the needs of today's families. 


Access for people with disabilities varies from building to building at Upper Canada Village. A number of the historic buildings and the Family Activity Centre are either accessible or partially accessible (i.e. main floors) to all visitors. In some cases, access is through an alternate entrance.

A number of wheelchairs are available for loan upon request at the ticket area. There is no charge

First Aid

The First Aid Office is located in the Security building. Qualified first aid assistance is available 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Lost and Found

At Upper Canada Village, lost and found services are coordinated by the ticket area staff. 

Safety Policies

There are a number of safety guidelines to ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit. 

Diaper Stations

Baby changing stations can be found in all public washrooms throughout Upper Canada Village. 

Cycle Friendly

Upper Canada Village has been recognized as a cycle-friendly site, and although we don’t permit bikes directly on the site itself, we do provide a rest area and bike lock up for cyclists while touring the Village.