Plan a field trip to Upper Canada Village this school year and give your students a unique educational experience.

Spend up to one full day at Upper Canada Village in one of our special school and group programs. Explore the 19th century way of life in one of Canada's largest living history museums, with hands-on historical experiences that will transport your students back in time. Upper Canada Village offers several educational programs designed to meet the goals and expectations identified in the Ontario Curriculum.

Self-Guided Discovery Visit

Take your class to Upper Canada Village, an exceptional real-life 19th century environment which fosters active participation, stimulates curiosity, and critical thinking. The Village provides a unique field study opportunity for students to gather information and formulate questions and compare their lives with life in the 1800s. Your students will interact directly with costumed interpreters and hear about the role of women, men, and children, and how they dealt with challenges like food, shelter, clothing, work, and transportation. Environmental factors shaping settlement and land use will also be explored. Horse-drawn boat and wagon rides included.
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Offered: May, June and September
Program Details
Group Size Minimum 20
Duration Up to a full day (9:30 am to 5:00 pm); 3 hours minimum recommended
Level Any age group welcome.
Cottage in summer

Live-In Adventure

Immerse yourself in the past for a day or an overnight adventure! The Live-In Adventure is a unique opportunity to experience everyday life in the 19th century. Under the guidance of Village staff, students are outfitted with authentic period clothes and introduced to integrated learning activities such as baking over an open hearth, tinsmithing, sewing and blacksmithing. Milk cows, help with farm chores, and attend a one-room schoolhouse. 

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide with menu suggestions, evening activities and pre-trip/post-trip ideas is included.

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Offered: May, June, and September.
Program Details
Group Size Minimum 20. Maximum 34
Duration Daytime: 10 am to 5:30 pm
Overnight: Begins 1 pm - 11 am the following day

Level For ages 8-14

Off Season Guided Tour

Upper Canada Village's more than 40 heritage buildings and winding roads through a pastoral landscape provide a perfect setting for a visual tour through time. Your group of 15 or more can enjoy the beauty of the Village during the off-season, as a Village guide leads an informative and scenic walking tour along the Village streets. 


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Offered: April, May and September 11 & 12
Program Details
Group Size Minimum 20 
Duration Hour and a half with access to 4 to 6 historic buildings
Level 15 years old and up
Grocery store at the village

Sheep to Shawl Days

Drop in at the Main Barn on Loucks Farm to see and learn about sheep shearing as the farm staff shear the Village flock by hand. Visit the McDiarmid Home and Asselstine’s water-powered Woollen Factory to learn more about washing of fleece, carding, spinning and weaving by hand and using the latest 1860s machinery. Included in Village Admission.


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Offered: June 2, 3 and 4, 2023
Program Details
Duration 10 am to 3 pm
Level Any age group welcome

Spring Train Special

Hop on the Miniature Train for a fun and educational ride through Crysler Park. Listen to the bilingual commentary and learn about the important role of the railroad and the St. Lawrence River.

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Offered: May to June*

*Train not in operation until further notice.

Program Details
Group Size Minimum 20, Maximum 60 students per ride
Duration 20 minutes
Level Any age group welcome

All rides must be booked in advance. 

Spring train at the village

Teacher's Planning Resource

Developed in partnership with teachers in Eastern Ontario, Upper Canada Village offers a curriculum-based resource for teachers of grades 1 through 8.

The guide organizes each building in the village by grade and subject stream, allowing a trip targeted to the learning objectives of your class. Routes around the village can be planned by subject stream, by grade, or both. Once you have selected a building or group of buildings for your class to visit during the trip there are pre-visit (Minds-On), visit (Action), and post-visit (Consolidation) activities and questions specific to that building to facilitate in-depth learning.

The Action questions and activities are available in printable format, for teachers and chaperones to use during the trip to guide the students’ interactions with staff. This guide is designed to enhance and target the learning opportunities of your Discovery Visit, so the number and order of buildings visited, and activities completed is at your discretion, as is the length of time spent at each location.

This guide is included in the cost of your admission to Upper Canada Village and can be accessed below. 

Horse carriage ride in the village

Teacher's Resource Kit

A Teacher's Resource Kit comes complete with site information and a selection of activities designed for different grade levels and will be mailed to you upon request when you book your Exploration Tour.

The Teacher's Resource Kit is also available online in PDF format.

women walking in 1860s village